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Alt and Quint Makes Bold Statement at EMY Africa Fashion Event with Shoe-Focused Runway Show

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Jun 20, 2024

Over the weekend, Ghanaian shoe brand Alt & Quint made a remarkable impact at the Emy Africa fashion event during their three-day Expo. Breaking away from traditional runway norms, Alt & Quint chose to spotlight their footwear collection, emphasizing the shoes rather than the models and other merchandise. In a creative and innovative approach, Alt & Quint’s runway show featured models dressed in understated, earthy tones that complemented the natural aesthetics of the shoes. The models used props and strategic positioning to ensure that the shoes were the center of attention, allowing the craftsmanship and design of the footwear to truly shine. This daring presentation was met with enthusiasm and applause from attendees, marking Alt & Quint as a brand to watch in the fashion industry. The focus on shoes not only highlighted the brand’s unique design ethos but also set a new standard for how footwear can be showcased in a fashion show. The Emy Africa fashion event, known for its celebration of diverse and innovative fashion, provided the perfect platform for Alt & Quint to debut their collection. By prioritizing the visual impact of their shoes, the brand demonstrated their commitment to quality and creativity, making a bold statement that resonated with fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Alt & Quint’s runway show at Emy Africa has positioned them at the forefront of Ghanaian fashion, showcasing their ability to push boundaries and redefine how fashion can be presented. This event marks a significant milestone for the brand and sets a high bar for future fashion showcases.