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Jul 2, 2024

Charles Kojo Bucknor, co-founder of Aphrospirit, has announced his decision to step down as CEO to focus on new ventures. Over the last five years, he has transformed an age-old local spirit (Akpeteshie/ Ogogoro/ Sodabi) the base spirit of Aphro, from a culturally relevant but underappreciated beverage into a globally recognized category, known as the Palm Spirit. Aphrospirit, a high-end African alcoholic beverage, sources its finest ingredients such as pineapples and passion fruits from West Africa. Known for its unique tropical flavors and superior branding, Aphrospirit has positioned itself as a premium brand in the global market. The company is 100% self-funded by a group of African business professionals and entrepreneurs, with the goal of exporting much of its product to Africa and the diaspora . During his tenure, Charles expanded Aphrospirit’s portfolio to include other beverages, always focusing on sustainable growth within local ecosystems. Speaking with the Blacvolta team he mentioned, “Starting and growing this African brand with the team has been an incredible journey. Seeing it now take on a life of its own and move into its next phase of growth is truly exhilarating.” Under his leadership, Aphrospirit has entered multiple markets including Cameroon, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, the UK, and the USA, with a formal launch in Nigeria imminent . Looking forward, Charles will remain a shareholder and Advisory Board member of Aphrospirit, continuing to influence the brand's strategic direction. He continues to leverage his experience in the hospitality, beverage, and agricultural sectors to explore new opportunities and drive innovation across his diverse portfolio. #blacvolta #Leadership #BeverageIndustry #SustainableGrowth #PalmSpirit #GlobalExpansion #Aphrospirit #Hospitality #Innovation