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University of Ghana Studies D-Black and Sarkodie’s ‘My Kinda Girl’ in English Literature Exams

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Jul 9, 2024

The University of Ghana’s English Literature/Critical Discourse Studies exams featured lyrics from D-Black’s ‘My Kinda Girl’ with Sarkodie. Dr. Nancy Henaku, a senior lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Ghana, critically examined D-Black’s 2012 song ‘My Kinda Girl’ featuring Sarkodie and included it in the English Literature end-of-semester exam. The paper paraphrased, summarized, and quoted portions of the lyrics of D-Black’s hip hop song. It cited significant words and phrases from the video and lyrics (e.g., “lawyer lady,” “nutty scientist,” and “Dada ba”). This is a significant moment for Ghana music and Africa music, as it marks the first Ghanaian hip hop song to be studied at the university. It highlights the growing influence of Ghanaian hip hop in Africa entertainment and its recognition in academic circles. Kudos to D-Black and Sark. #AfricaEntertainment #AfricaMusic #GhanaMusic #GhanaianHipHop #DBlack #Sarkodie #UniversityOfGhana #CriticalDiscourseStudies